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Kathy began selling advertising in 1994 when she and her husband, John, owned and operated WKNX radio in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  They developed many print advertising ideas to go along with radio advertising.  When the station was sold to WNEM in 2004 she continued with the print advertising media.  Kathy also has continued using the company name, J&K Media, which is a home-based business serving the advertising needs of many local mid-Michigan businesses. 

Some of the advertising opportunities offered include: restaurant placemats, pharmacy bags, credit union cash envelope “stuffers” and coupon sheets.

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Kathy @ KathyBlehm.com

Kathy Blehm (nee Libbey) & John W Blehm, live near Birch Run, Michigan. They married in 1973, a year after graduating from high school. They have three adult children and five grandchildren.

“We Built It!”

Over the years they’ve had several small business ventures. Kathy had A Touch of Lace making and selling battenburg lace apparel. Together they owned and operated WKNX radio for over 10 years, featuring a family friendly format in the Saginaw Valley. John is a Patternmaker by trade and owned and operated Reliable Pattern & Design.  Their latest venture is manufacturing and selling Fowl Stuffnest boxes for chickens. John also sells day-old Ameraucana and Chantecler chicks thru Fowl Stuff.

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