Kathy Blehm

J&K Media – 25 Years of Supplying Placemats to Restaurants


J&K Media is a home-based business specializing in restaurant placemats distributed in Saginaw and Bay counties.  These paper placemats feature just four extra-large ads with the center customized to welcome patrons to each restaurant they are used in.  Several restaurants use placemats from J&K Media exclusively. 

Other advertising opportunities offered include: Kroeger Pharmacy Bags and Frankenmuth Coupon Sheets.

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(989)777-50fifty or Kathy@KathyBlehm [dot] com


Kathy began selling advertising in 1994 when she and her husband, John, owned & operated WKNX radio in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  They developed many print advertising ideas to go along with radio advertising.  When the station was sold in 2004 she continued with print advertising media.  Kathy also has continued using the company name, J&K (for John & Kathy) Media, which is a home-based business serving the advertising needs of many local mid-Michigan businesses.  Kathy takes care of sales, while John does graphic design and printing.


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